The Adjus® system offers superior ergonomic solutions for workers in industrial, laboratory, hospital, culinary, and office environments due to its vast efficiency, functionality, and modularity.

All AdjusTableTM models can be fully customized with numerous options for further functionality depending on your desired specifications to fit your industry. Fully locking hospital-grade casters can be added for extensive mobility. Moreover, with the optional On-The-Go PowerTM selection, the Adjus® system functions as a self-contained power supplying workstation, which supplies 115 volts at 300 Watts of continuous pure sine wave power. This allows the user up to 7 hours of cordless, On-The-Go PowerTM for testing equipment, laptop, printer, barcode scanner, etc. Plus, with easily accessible built-in power outlets, a fully drained On-The-Go PowerTM system charges in as little as 7.5 hrs.

Other custom options include Accuposture's antimicrobial coating. The standard work surface can be substituted with an antimicrobial work surface in conjunction with an antimicrobial chassis finish, making it ideal for sterile environments such as hospitals, labs, and kitchens.

In addition, The AdjusCounterTM easily attaches to any wall and offers the same 26.5" range of motion as the AdjusTableTM workstation. It allows for height adjustability of any countertop and can be configured with two or more of its kind to form an extended countertop unit.

While there are other companies that offer adjustable workplace devices, none match the state-of-the-art ergonomic design or have the immense capabilities and modularity of Accuposture's products.

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